December, The Giving Month: Remember the Pantry

While some of us groan and complain about how much we overate on Thanksgiving, others in our community couldn’t buy enough food to last the month. That’s why the Chase County Pantry is such an important service.

The Chase County Pantry Service began decades ago through the efforts of Monsignor Jerome Murray of St. Patrick’s Church and Pastor Bob Call of the First Methodist Church in Imperial. It is now a cooperative effort of volunteers and the City of Imperial, who provides the facilities and overhead expenses.

Nancy on Duty at the Pantry

According to Nancy Terryberry, president of Chase County Pantry Services since 1996, about 20 volunteers work in pairs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 11 a.m. in a room behind the old gym. They receive donations, make grocery runs, stock shelves, and serve those who come in for help.

Everything in the pantry comes through food drives and monetary donations from churches, schools, local organizations, and individuals. It is usually well-stocked during the holidays, but supplies can get low in the summertime.

What kind of donations are best for the holidays? Since the pantry has three freezers, they can take small turkeys and other kinds of meat. Other suggestions: Fruit juice, canned fruit and vegetables (no more green beans, please!), dried beans, popcorn, stuffing mix, and cranberry sauce.

If you’d like to donate funds – any time of the year – mail your check to the Chase County Pantry, c/o Nancy Terryberry, PO Box 4, Imperial. To volunteer or for more information, phone Nancy at 882-5136.

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